Admin stuff in December

As the closing date for the Tenders was the 15th December we arranged to meet on the 8th January to select our preferred response.  Neil left in mid-December for two and a half months of travel so Paul took over the admin/liaison role. On the 19th December documents were uploaded onto our file at the Sydney Council including the Contract signed and sealed by our Strata Chairman and our Managing Agent requiring a trip to the Agent for the sealing.

It then turned out that the Council required the actual Certificate of Currency for the Owners’ Corporation Public Liability Insurance instead of just the document and receipt. Since our documents had already been uploaded this necessitated so Paul had to send the Certificate to Cameron at the Council so he could upload it for us.  If we hark back to the day we submitted our Grant Application readers may recall that we had to effectively submit twice because we had misunderstood which form we had to use.  These bureaucratic challenges are probably an inevitable part of what is required for the privilege of accessing the welcome funding of our project by the rate-payers of Sydney.