Notes from Team Meeting 27 February, 2018

Issues to raise with WattBlock

  • We need a one-pager to be submitted to SCC indicating the likelihood of this Microgrid initiative being feasible.
  • We need an outline of advantages and disadvantages of each of our four models plus Model 5 Stand-alone Solar
  • We need figures. Likely costs over time versus potential savings.  In particular, what would engaging an Embedded Network Manager add to the running costs? Would an ENM deal with emergency outages?  How do we guard against price-gouging by an ENM?
  • What would be the on-going maintenance costs for solar panel cleaning? How would solar panels impact on the annual roof and gutter cleaning?
  • The above figures need to feed into a Business Case that we would offer Owners and which is part of our SCC project requirements.
  • What would be the likely Kw size of our new system?
  • Luci will contact WattBlock re the usage data and whether we need to collect more information on usage patterns (day vs night)
  • We aim to meet with WattBlock at 3 pm on March 14th

Principles to guide our Microgrid

  • The rooftops are seen as collectively owned
  • The system we adopt must be flexible enough to keep our future options open
  • We must enable opt-out by customers who want it and opt-back-in by those who want it
  • The system we adopt must be more efficient and cheaper than simply retaining the status quo
  • The system must be simple not complex so that, for example, its maintenance can be easily folded into the Owners Corporation’s existing arrangements

Other ideas

  • We need to build a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that provide information about how the Microgrid (embedded network) works
  • We need to check whether there are any OC By-laws implications in moving to the creation of a Microgrid
  • Luci will incorporate a link to the WattBlock Slides Presentation into our website
  • Neil will invite Bjorn Sturmberg to our initial meeting with WattBlock on March 14
  • Alex will renew contact with the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS after our meeting with WattBlock.