BlackwattleSolar – Key Principles

The BlackwattleSolar key principles (‘value statements’) guiding the navigation of this project are listed below. These have helped us distill the quintessence of our  aims and countless times have guided us back on track when the complexity or clarity of different parts of our journey have become overwhelming.

  • Environment: BlackwattleSolar must deliver environmental benefits through reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Savings: BlackwattleSolar must be more efficient and cheaper than our current energy purchasing arrangements.
  • Simplicity: BlackwattleSolar must be able to be easily folded into the Owners Corporation’s management arrangements.
  • Equity: The rooftops are collectively owned by the Owners Corporation but some have more shading than others so we will ensure that all share in the benefits of BlackwattleSolar.
  • Flexibility: BlackwattleSolar must be flexible enough to keep our future options open and support emerging technologies.
  • Continuity: BlackwattleSolar must be able to continue to operate as unit owners change and some may opt-out or opt-back-in to it.
Project information:

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