How will BlackwattleSolar benefit the environment?

  • While Australia is world leading in its solar energy installations, there is almost zero in the strata schemes except for some new developments. For high density cities like the City of Sydney, addressing the barriers to retro-fitted solar is needed if the City is to meet its carbon abatement targets.
  • BlackwattleSolar is expected to serve as a model for future townhouse strata schemes. The Wattblock study shows that it can deliver a 62% reduction to grid energy giving an annual carbon reduction of at least 25 and up to 47 tonnes. The latter is 12.5 times the national carbon reduction target.
  • If half the 74,000 strata dwellings in the City of Sydney local government area adopted a minimal sized project (achieving a reduction of 25 tonnes)then the savings across the City would be more than 51,000 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to a forest of 771,000 trees or taking more than 10,000 petrol cars off the road.


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