How will our new system work?

  • Technically
    • We will set up an Embedded Network
    • A ‘Parent’ smart meter will operate between our network and the national grid
    • All units will have a ‘child’ smart meter
    • Smart meters allow those who prefer to be independent to opt out
    • Solar panels will be installed on the unshaded area of Block A (south-eastern) feeding into the Network via micro inverters.
  •  Administratively
    • An Embedded Network Manager/Licensed Electrical Retailer will be selected by us as a community to oversee the Network, provide customer service and handle billing. This is required by regulation and also ensures that we will have the appropriate expertise to manage the network on our behalf. Over time, we might be able to assume that responsibility ourselves.
    • The Owners Corporation will ‘own’ the Network on behalf of the Owners and ensure its efficient operation and further development over time as technology and any other requirements change.


More FAQs

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