Why should you support this initiative?

  • It will help to significantly reduce electricity costs for each of us.
  • It will contribute to reduction in greenhouse gas
  • It will cater for the eventual advent of electric vehicles in Blackwattle Mews.
  • It will have no up-front cost to individual owners at the outset but those opting in later may have to meet some costs.
  • It will position Blackwattle Mews as a leader in ‘green strata’ and thus increase the value of our units.
  • It will enable us to make a stronger case for the demonstration grant of $80,000 potentially available from the City of Sydney upon the conclusion of our feasibility study.
  • NOTE This initiative will not be imposed on you. If you prefer, you will be able to ‘opt out’. However, if you change your mind you can easily opt back in.


More FAQs

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