Existing infrastructure

Power is supplied to the site by Ausgrid from a transformer located a short distance west of Block B on Cook St. Block B is the location of the Main Distribution Board for energy supply to site. From the Main Distribution Board, sub boards are located on each of the other blocks as shown in the figure below. Existing electrical cabling runs across the site from the transformer to the Main Distribution Board and on to the sub boards. The Final Distribution Board for each townhouse is located in the garage of each unit.

There is a common area electricity meter and separate meters for each of the townhouses located on the respective blocks. The electricity meters at Blackwattle Mews are older style spinning disc electricity meters and will all need to be replaced if moving to a fully compliant embedded electrical network (see Embedded Network section). The new meters will need to be compliant with National Measurement Act 1960 (Cth) requirements for electricity meters.


Other Considerations

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