The strata block at 23-25 Cook Street, Glebe, NSW – known as “Blackwattle Mews” started the investigation of solar power back in January 2017 due to the rapid increase in electricity prices and the fall in solar system costs. Since then, the committee has engaged the sustainability team at the City of Sydney and industry professionals about the opportunity for solar at Blackwattle Mews. After the initial discussions, the City of Sydney has approved an “Environmental Innovation” grant.

The strata scheme consists of 4 blocks of a total 18 townhouses each with 2-3 residential floors. The study investigates several scenarios for implementing a solar energy installation within either an embedded network, solar gateway, or private installations.

  • Model 1 – Separate solar installation for each participating townhouse
  • Model 2 – Separate solar installation for each block of 4 or 5 townhouses with solar gateway
  • Model 3 – Solar installation for pairs of blocks with solar gateway
  • Model 4 – Solar installation for whole complex with embedded network
  • Model 5 – Solar installation with battery for whole complex with embedded network

Baseline annual energy usage for the strata scheme is estimated to be 71,057 kWh at an estimated cost of $25,364 p.a. including GST. This is for all 18 townhouses and includes a very small common area meter for eight garden lights.


Other Considerations

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