The BlackwattleSolar Team

The executive project team behind BlackwattleSolar is made up from four volunteer Blackwattle Mews strata members who have committed to devote their time and expertise towards getting the retrofitted embedded solar power microgrid project on the way.


Neil Watson, Blackwattle Solar

Neil Watson is leading the Working Party. He is a retired Organisational Consultant with forty years’ experience in work and organisation redesign, the establishment of team-based work, and the design and conduct of large organisation and community conferences.



Alex Byrne, BlackwattleSolar

Dr Alex Byrne qualified as an electrical engineer and has had a high-level career in library and university management. He has recently retired from the position of CEO of the State Library of NSW. He has extensive experience in innovation, implementation of new technologies, project management and organisational redesign.


Paul White, BlackwattleSolar

Paul White is an international lawyer with over 20 years’ experience working in various agency headquarters and in field operations in many parts of the world.




Lucian Kafka, BlackwattleSolar

Lucian Kafka is a management consultant who holds Master of IT and Master of Business Administration qualifications. Lucian has 20+ years’ experience in start-ups, solution design and organisational management, having worked with a wide range of clients from small business to large corporations, government and Fortune 500 companies.


This team is being assisted by a noted expert in the implementation of green energy solutions, Dr Bjorn Sturmberg, Director of Kairos Power, an engineering and research consultancy specialising in sustainable energy systems. Dr Sturmberg was recently appointed Myer Innovation Fellow 2017 for the establishment of Sun Tenants, a social enterprise that aims to unlock environmental and social potential through cutting-edge smart metering technology with an innovative business model.

The working party is complemented by our chosen consultants for the initial feasibility study who have assisted hundreds of buildings across Australia to identify and quantify energy waste and to raise awareness with executive committees and strata managers. Wattblock has assisted buildings with energy tariff optimisation, planning energy efficiency projects, product and service selection, financing and planning ahead for solar, batteries, electric vehicle recharge and embedded electrical networks.