Moving into implementation of BlackwattleSolar

On 15 January, Neil, Luci, Paul and Alex visited one of the tenderers to examine the proposed solar panels and inverters and to refine the project scope. We had a briefing on a wide range of panels and inverters with advice on selection criteria to optimise the installation for BlackwattleSolar. We also explored contractual issues and were advised that we could get 25 year warranties on both panels and inverter.

The next steps are to finalise the tender, negotiate and sign the contract and pay a 20% deposit. In parallel, we will meet with City of Sydney officers on Wednesday 23 January to discuss the contract for the City’s grant of $25,000. We aim to do both in time to report to the next meeting of the Strata Committee on Monday 5 February.

As discussed at the EGM, we then need to move quickly to select the Embedded Network Manager and so are looking to set up a briefing and opportunity to endorse for all residents (resident owners and tenants) later in that first week in February. 85% need to support the ENM appointment for the project to proceed but each can still opt out if they decide not to buy cheaper electricity via BlackwattleSolar.

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