Owners’ briefing session on the 4th December and Xmas drinks on the 7th.

Nine of the owners had been part of the previous night’s meeting, three were overseas, two were working, leaving only four to be ‘briefed’.  In the event two of that four attended with three of the Team and two of the Committee there to do the briefing.  Understandably, it was a low-key amicable conversation where all questions were answered satisfactorily.  One of the two made the pleasing observation that she was really enjoying the sense of our working as a collective to share the benefits the Network would bring.  There was also a small-scale sense of pride that we would become joint owners of our own electricity grid.

On the following Friday from 6 pm many owners and their families gathered in Neil and Sharon’s garden for drinks and chat.  Several owners who had previously been unable to attend our various events were there helping to engender a real feeling of community and anticipation. 


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