Working Party early meetings

The possibility of a Council Grant was an unexpected potential benefit so this inevitably shaped a lot of our initial thinking.  Nevertheless, we found that the complexity of the task we faced led us to canvass a wide range of issues such as:

  • Should we begin to maintain a blog which keeps track of our journey on this project, the better to remember our process and be able to assist others subsequently.
  • How do we identify and/or locate the companies that are already or that could be capable to deliver retrofitted solar collection and battery storage to strata developments,
  • What potential is there for delivering savings to all residents by simply having just one connection to the grid network instead of 18 separate ones.
  • How would a shared system provide separate charges according to usage.
  • How can we persuade all the residents (including the tenanted occupiers) to provide us with their electricity usage accounts for, say, the past 12 months so we can establish a ‘before’ measure of costs.
  • Could we set up a communication system with residents based on recruiting a link or contact person for each block.
  • Given that our complex consists of four separate blocks, what advantages and disadvantages accrues from this, for example, will it make the interconnections more difficult on the one hand while possibly making the implementation easier if not all owners want to buy in.
  • Could it be possible for us as a Corporation to borrow the installation cost and repay it over a set period from the savings as they accrue.
  • Should we begin our efficiency improvement effort by ensuring first that the current OC electricity usage is as efficient as possible.
  • Could we then initiate energy audits on the premises of all residents including advice as to the most efficient appliances to install whenever upgrades are contemplated.
  • Would there be any scalable advantage in extending the Microgrid beyond this one Owners Corporation to build a neighbourhood connection.
  • Are there other resource issues in the complex such as waste and water management that could be amenable to greater efficiencies.

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